Whether you are an experienced or a beginner our classes will offer something for you.

Private sessions available too, these can be done in small groups so you can share the cost. Book your 1-2-1 session here.

Save time and complete the health questionnaire prior to coming to the studio.



Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Available ONLINE

This challenging class is taught in a soothing and light-hearted way. We aim to learn the Ashtanga Primary Series, Vinyasa, and Pranayama with modifications and progressions for any individual needs. It is a flowing sequence of set poses that include standing, seated, lying and inversions that build strength and flexibility in the body and the mind.

Breath, Move, Flow Hatha

Available ONLINE

Hatha Yoga is one of the oldest forms of Yoga practice. Hatha yoga is steeped in Eastern tradition.  The Asanas (physical postures) are the major element of this practice although your session will begin and end with elements of Pranayama (breathing practices) and Meditation/Relaxation. Through this practice you will be taught how to connect your mind, body and breath.  You will leave in a state of serenity, feeling calm and peaceful. 

Flex, Stretch and Unwind Hatha

Available ONLINE

This class will develop your flexibility. You don't need to be flexible to participate but with regular practice you will notice fabulous improvements in your range of movement.
Ease out those muscles, stretch deep into your tissues and help relieve those aches and pains.

Happy Hour Yoga

Welcome to Happy Hour Yoga.  A practice designed to make you feel good.  This session has a positive lighthearted approach.  It gives you the opportunity to relax, stretch, strengthen and also possibly laugh.  It is designed to work your body and lighten your mind.  Helping you destress and unwind so that you leave feeling happier and much more positive. 

hatha Yoga

You'll deepen all Asanas (yoga poses). A creative class that allows flow of movement but also focuses on alignment of the spine and correct breath control. A full body approach with a balance of strength and flexibility Asanas. Suited to all.

Restful Yin Yoga

Available ONLINE

If you haven't tried Yin Yoga yet..... you don't know what you're missing.   Yin is a practice performed on the mat where you hold the postures for anywhere from 3 - 10 minutes.  This allows you to stretch deep into your connective tissue to improve flexibility aid healing and promote wellbeing.  All postures are supported with blocks, bricks or bolsters. You'll be carefully guided into and out of every posture.  Whilst in the posture you'll be taught how to relax, how to unwind and how to be present.  There is a strong meditative element to this practice.  Each practice finishes with a relaxation section.

Rise & Shine Hatha Yoga

Get up and start your weekend with this great class. Hatha yoga combines teaching of the yoga Asanas with pranayama and meditation.  A creative class that allows the flow of movement but also focuses on alignment of the spine and correct breath control. A full-body approach with a balance of strength and flexibility Asanas. Suited to all.

Yin Yang Yoga

Available ONLINE

This class combines two popular styles of practice. Yang is dynamic and flowing whereas Yin is long-held stretches.  The class will begin with a gentle flowing practice generally Surya Namaskar (sun salutation).  Followed by longer held asanas for between 3 - 5 minutes.  

You will be required to bring your own mat.  Blocks, bricks and straps are optional but again you will need to bring your own. 


Yoga for back care

Available ONLINE

This is a great Yoga class that allows you to care for your back while taking a Yoga class.  It is a fab way to practice safely and steadily. Suited to all.  It'll keep your back and spine healthy and allow you to work at a level that suits you. If you have a specific back condition we strongly recommend that you email us

This way we will be able to talk you through your options and ensure that you practice effectively but safely.

Boost Pilates

Available ONLINE

A Pilates class that gives you a Boost.  Boosting your energy levels, improving your metabolism and waking you up for the day ahead.  It is a 45 minute class short and effective.  Your day will be brighter, your core tighter and your mental ability boosted.  What a fabulous start to the day. 

Pilates for back Care

Available ONLINE

Approximately half of the UK adult population reports low back pain for at least 24 hours at some point over the course of a year (Palmer et al, 2000). Many people with back pain benefit from Pilates. Finding that it helps or even eliminates reoccurrences. This class works on activating your core, re-educating your muscles and realigning your posture. Take control. If you’re suffering from a bad back at the moment I would recommend that we have at least one personal session initial before you join the class. If you’d like more information about the class or to discuss your case individually, please feel free to call or email us.

Contemporary Pilates

Working with Joseph Pilates principles and exercises.  This is a traditional pilates class, that focuses on Alignment, breath and core activation as a means to initiating and performing all exercises.   All exercises can be adapted and modified to meet your own fitness aims and abilities.  The focus and concentration required also allows you to take a mental break from your regular thought patterns, this has been proven to produce many health benefits. Join one of our fabulous classes today. 

Equipment Pilates

We use small pieces of traditional pilates equipment.  Please bring your own Pilates Circle, Resistance Band and Soft Ball.  (The studio does sell soft balls and can hire out Pilates Circles and Resistance bands). This class is fun, varied and can often be challenging.  Such a great variety to traditional pilates.  Equipment Pilates gives you another dimension extending the Pilates repertoire.

Pilates Tone & Target

Using the pilates principles but with a focus on a different body part for each class.  Giving you a class direction and a body overload.  This Pilates class will definitely tone those troublesome areas.   Although there will be an emphasis on one or more  particular body part, in keeping with the Pilates ethos and to ensure good health and wellbeing, you will get a total body workout.  

T'ai chi

T’ai Chi involves slow meditative movements, which still the mind and increase the awareness of self. Deep breathing exercises, timed to the moves, reduce stress and tension. The flowing movements massage the internal organs, and the precision of the moves increases muscle strength, balance, and self-confidence. T’ai Chi has been helping to keep people healthy for thousands of years, helping improve posture, balance, breathing, coordination, and relaxation.

Teens yoga

For Teens! Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, yoga teaches teens techniques for coping with the unique issues they're faced with everyday—insecurity about their changing bodies, the enormous pressure to fit in, stressful schedules, and uncertainty about their beliefs and their futures.

Kids Yoga

Being playful is a great gateway to introducing yoga to kids. Not only will kids have space for self-expression in this class, they will also strengthen their bodies, as well as their connection to mindfulness and breathing techniques. Through yoga poses, art, music and more, kids release energy and learn how to relax.



Reformer pilates

Reformer Pilates classes are a fantastic way to improve strength and flexibility whilst having fun. We run more than 30 classes per week. Using the Pilates Reformer machine you will work on balance, increase range of motion in the joints, alignment, core strength, and muscle tone. The Reformer machine adjusts to suit your individual strength and flexibility.

This is class has a 5 person limit. 

Prerequisite Info

Must have completed a reformer orientation

CARDIO Reformer

Cardio reformer Pilates is a high-intensity class that is exclusive to our Gold members. A fast-paced class that will raise your heart and breathing rate.  High-intensity sessions aim to increase your metabolism while burning fat. A great way to incorporate reformer and cardio.  We recommend that you have experience with reformers before booking this class and it is not appropriate for beginners.

This is class has a 4 person limit. 

Prerequisite Info

Must have completed a reformer orientation

Mindful Studio Circuit

Due to the pandemic, we had to stop this class temporarily

Mindful Studio Circuit class allows you to use all apparatus in the studio, in a gentle but challenging way. You won't believe the level of flexibility and movement your body can achieve with the help of the apparatus Pilates machines from the beginning.

Pilates Gym

Due to the pandemic, we had to stop this class temporarily as we can not give adjustments.

Pilates gym is directed to those clients who are experienced pilates practitioners or working towards rehabilitation goals. Pilates gym is apparatus based and takes in all aspects of pilates practice. Pilates gym’s require previous 121 sessions.

Prerequisite Info

Must have completed a 121 session and have an agreed program in place



121 ReformeR Introduction

45 mins

121 Reformer Pilates introduction class for those who are starting to practice Pilates on apparatus.

121 Reformer Pilates

60 mins

121 Reformer Pilates is ideal if you have specific goals or want to know more about Pilates reformer.

121 Apparatus Pilates

60 mins

121 bespoke apparatus Pilates session is ideal for those who have specific goals or to prepare for joining the Pilates Gym.

121 Pilates

60 mins - Available ONLINE

121 Pilates class is ideal if you have specific goals or want to know more about Yoga.

121 Yoga

60 mins - Available ONLINE

121 Yoga class is ideal if you have specific goals or want to know more about Yoga.