Ebru Evrim WellBEING RetreatS

Your wellbeing is our priority.

We would like to invite you to Gateway to Healthy Living through our bespoke hand-picked, eco-friendly UK-based and overseas retreats. Whether it's for the individual or the company we have various retreat options. We are a passionate team that only ever recommend good quality places we have been. We work closely with our clients to make sure if our retreat suits their needs, and let them enjoy our value for money options. 



Coming together is a beginning,

Staying together is progress,

And working together is success.


-Henry Ford


Increase employee wellbeing for a healthier, more engaged and productive workforce!


The last 12 months have been one of the most challenging years in living memory, with many of us finding that our physical and mental health has suffered. That is why being able to release unwanted tension, learning how to manage stress and have the opportunity to recharge the mind and body are vital to help your teams adjust to the 'new normal' and get back to their productive best.


The Ebru Evrim Yoga and Pilates studio would like to invite you and your teams to Gateway to Healthy Living in UK, at our hand-picked, eco-friendly retreats. Imagine being surrounded by beautiful countryside where everyone can breathe, move and relax together through Yoga and Pilates. Sharing challenging but fun times on the mat and creating master mindset skills that everyone can take back to their workplace and in doing so establish a great team ethos amongst the entire group.


We haven’t told you yet, but the retreats also include delicious sit-down meals that will definitely bring a renewed sense of togetherness for your team!


Are you ready to let your team say goodbye to hunched shoulders, achy bodies, and low energy, and welcome a new team who is energized and ready to give their enthusiastic best?​


“Our team had an amazing time! Excellent work!”

– Katie Lo, Managing Director, London Speaker Bureau



Give your hard-working team an experience of a lifetime that they will truly appreciate and take back to the office.


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